From a beautiful country, looking the way into this life. Thanks for reading me

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Siento mi cuerpo, toco mi cara y muevo todos mis dedos. Sé que este sentimiento es temporal: mi cuerpo se quedará en la tierra y lo que hace que se pueda mover se irá a otro lugar o ¡desaparecerá!

Pienso esto mientras tengo el veneno en mi mano. Ya no sufriré más. Y no haré sufrir a nadie más, jamás. No valgo nada y es por eso que me iré . O bueno, si valgo, valgo los 10 dólares del frasco de cianuro que compré. Lo conseguí grande para que nadie sospechara. Tengo un problema de ratas en la finca.

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Photo by Ronny Rondon on Unsplash

I am sure about my life. I know that I am successful. My bank account is full of millions, and I have 1000 employees working for me. What I said is a law for them. I am in my late 30s: two kids and a lovely wife. Life is good, and my certainty is accurate. Health and stamina are with me every single day. I don’t accept failure or excuses. What matters is work and results. That’s it.

I will go to my work in my Lambo, a beautiful black beast. Like those bulls in the corridas de toros, that nobody likes anymore. Ho yeah! I feel its power; I like it. …

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