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From a beautiful country, looking the way into this life. Thanks for reading me

House of Haiku: I write about nature
Poetry’s Home: About love or lack off
Literally Literary: Life
Voces: My spanish novel (Terror) — — — — Cap1- Cap2

Some stories…

As the final result

Photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash

Covid-19 is all around us. My family and I are alright — for the moment. We’ve adjusted to the new reality. We’re doing our chores, living our daily lives, and getting along. There’s no cure or vaccine available to us now and we’re quite vulnerable to the disease.

The gray clouds in the distance

My mother got bloodwork recently. She went to get dental surgery. And that’s when the unexpected happened.


The whole family is in shock. Except for her, of course. Unfortunately, my father and sister kept the truth away from her, they told me that they wanted…


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